HR Solutions

provide excellent and experience services to meet your human resources and
business needs in order to give you a competitive edge.


At Justin Butler, we recognize that people are our greatest assets that is why putting people first’ is our business.



We strive to maintain and operate with the highest ethical standards andconduct our business with integrity.


We always strive to create a win-win experience with our clients


Our goal is to provide the highest level of services to our clients and partner withour alliances to exceed your expectations.

Training and Development

  1. Train the Trainer
  2. Customer Service
  3. Myers Briggs
  4. Behavioral Interviewing
  5. Performance Management
  6. New Manager Assimilation
  7. Team Building
  8. High Performance
  9. Diversity and Cultural Awareness
  10. Change Management
  11. ….and much more

HR Soulutions

  1. HR Strategy
  2. Hiring and Recruiting
  3. Interviewing strategies/process flow
  4. Onboarding/New Hire Assimilation
  5. Policy and Procedure Development
  6. Legal/Labor laws
  7. Leadership Development
  8. Succession Planning
  9. Project Management



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